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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Denied! (at least until Wednesday)

Wow! What a game!

Game five started slowly enough, and once on the board, the Cards led up until the 7th inning.

Then, Pow! Biggio banks one off Luna for a single. Burke hits a foul that's played into a double off an overthrow to first, then it gets called back. Burke singles, Biggio advances to third. Berkman homers to bring 'em both home. Astros lead 4-2! I could almost hear the roar of the ballpark crowd at my house.

From that point on, the game announcers pretty much called it a victory. They started announcing the credits, talked about how Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott and Phil Garner, all local players without a World Series record, have all been validated. I'm sure t-shirts and hats were being cranked out for sale to the masses.

Then in the ninth inning, the unthinkable happened. Pujols slams a three run homer then struts around the bases. The 'Stros didn't answer, and the Cardinals win 5-4. Rats!

Ya gotta admit though, it was world class play. The Cards stepped up when it counted, and didn't know when to quit, and that's what champions do.

Now our champions need to step up, shake this one off, and git 'er done in game 6.


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