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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, October 21, 2005

Money Talks, B.S. Walks

So Tom DeLay, responding to his "wanted man" status, turned himself in to the authorities, and sat through his initial hearing.

The press focused on his smiling face and his clenched hands. At first I thought they were focusing on the fact that his clenched hands, indicating stress, belied the pasted smile he's so famous for.

But then I realized that the reason the cameras were on his hands was because they weren't in their usual position, open and outstretched for a contribution.

It's about time his hypocritical rhetoric is called for what it is. He's been spewing sanctimonious bull defecation for so long, people believe that he actually cares about the issues he professed to believe in.

But he's been caught red-handed trying to achieve his goals regardless of the methods. The ends does not justify the means. He broke the law, plain and simple, and diverted funds to achieve his ends not for ideological reasons, but so that his contributors can achieve their financial aspirations.

It's all about spending money to make money. And because the law didn't allow them to spend money on campaign contributions that would directly benefit themselves, they counted on DeLay to funnel their contributions to get them a majority in the state, and then redraw the state's district to insure their continued majority, in order to continue the cash cow they'd created.

And now the cow has been exposed. DeLay says he'll be vindicated. But even if he walks (which is possible, given the pro-Bush judiciary in Texas), the public has been exposed to how the system works.

Money talks, and B.S. walks. Let's just hope this particular brand of B.S. doesn't walk too easily.


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