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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gonzo Evasive. What, that suprises you?

Gonzales: Did He Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?
Torture's Path

Senate Democrats put off a vote on White House counsel Alberto Gonzales's nomination to be attorney general, complaining he had provided evasive answers to questions about torture and the mistreatment of prisoners. But Gonzales's most surprising answer may have come on a different subject: his role in helping President Bush escape jury duty in a drunken-driving case involving a dancer at an Austin strip club in 1996. The judge and other lawyers in the case last week disputed a written account of the matter provided by Gonzales to the Senate Judiciary Committee. "It's a complete misrepresentation," said David Wahlberg, lawyer for the dancer, about Gonzales's account.

Apparently Gonzo asked for an off-the-record conference with the Judge, in which he asked for then-Governor Bush to be stricken from the jury, in order to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Supposedly, they forsaw the stripper seeking a pardon from Prince George, but it was most likely so that George's previous DUI conviction didn't come to light and spoil his political aspirations. Indeed, Gee Dubya did not fill in the blank asking if he had ever been accused in a criminal case. Or could it have been that he couldn't have truthfully answered the question "Do you know the defendant" during jury selection?

In any event, Gonzo acted in an unethical manner, but showed loyalty to His Majesty. That's why he's been nominated for attorney general. I personally would prefer someone with ethics and the skills to do the job. Yeah, right. Like that's going to happen with this adminstration...


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