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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Monday, January 10, 2005

The New PC

Remember "politically correct"? The concept that the right wing robots whined about constantly -- bleeding-heart liberals pandering to the feelings of those from other cultures? Well, good news for the robots. That concept is dead, thanks to the earth's sudden shift to the right that we all felt last November. Concern for others that see things differently is over. Now it's my way, or the highway.

Thus, the birth of the new PC, "Patriotically Correct". The new PC encourages you to shout "Traitor!" anytime someone expresses an opinion that differs from the official party line. As a public service, below are some guidelines that will help you survive, and thrive, in these times of uncertainty.

Patriotically Correct vs. Not Patriotically Correct

PC: Believing President Bush's promises.
Not PC: Expecting him to keep his promises.

PC: Believing Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.
Not PC: Pointing out that the only thing that Iraq and Al Qaida have in common is the letter "Q".

PC: Believing that Haliburton is the only company that could handle support for the Iraq war because "it's a big job".
Not PC: Pointing out that Dick Cheney made the decision, and he used to run the company.

PC: Voting straight ticket Republican on moral grounds.
Not PC: Questioning the morality of Republican leaders who lie, cheat and bully their peers to pass legislation that benefits themselves and their friends.

Although this list is not complete, we hope it helps you cope with the new realities in our "democracy", and avoid inconveniences such as being shunned, blacklisted and branded a traitor.


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