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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The other white meat

Super Bowl festivities kick off in Philadelphia with wings and breasts.

PG rating prevents us from showing what else is painted... Posted by Hello

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Bared breasts, binge-eating and boozing, but no vomiting please -- it's Super Bowl weekend in Philadelphia and the party starts with an eating contest that draws more than 20,000 rowdy sports fans.

A truck driver from New Jersey who goes by the name "El Wingador" wolfed 162 chicken wings to reclaim the Wing Bowl, an annual pre-Super Bowl event with added flavor this year.

A raucous capacity crowd of some 23,000 packed an indoor arena to watch 29 finalists try to eat the maximum number of wings in two 14-minute rounds and a final two-minute frenzy of wing-gorging. Scantily clad women dubbed "Wingettes" handed out plates of wings and wiped sauce from contestants' faces.

Student Colin Brightfield, 19, came to support his rugby teammate Douglas Detock, known to the competition as "Obi Wing," who qualified by eating more than 60 live cockroaches, and not throwing up.

Winner Bill Simmons, who weighed 312 pounds before the contest, edged out defending champion Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, weighing just 99 pounds. The two were even at the end of regular competition among the 29 finalists and faced each other in a final two-minute "wing-off" which Simmons won by a single wing.

It appears the Super Bowl is off to a flying start. Let the games begin!


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