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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, November 18, 2005

Will the real Lobbyist A and Representative 1 please stand up?

Lobbyist charged with defrauding Indian tribes

Michael Scanlon, partner of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, was charged today with conspiring to defraud Indian tribe clients of millions of dollars in a scheme that lavished golf trips, meals and campaign donations on a member of Congress.

Scanlon was charged with conspiring with an accomplice - identified only as "Lobbyist A" - to lavish expensive perks on a lawmaker - identified as "Representative 1" - in order to pass legislation that would benefit the tribes.

As we all know, Scanlon and Abramoff were partners in several scams that convinced these tribes to hire their company, Capital Campaign Strategies, for more than $80 million, to pursue legislation that would give them exclusive rights to gambling activities in their prospective states, while at the same time lobbying lawmakers not to grant these rights.

The fact that this is a criminal information filing instead of an indictment points to a plea deal, which means names, and possibly indictments, will be forthcoming.

So let's play a little legislative bingo, shall we? A-1... bingo! Got it on the first try. Abramoff is obviously Lobbyist A, and Tom DeLay (whom Scanlon once worked for) is obviously Representative 1, as it fits his M.O. and he spearheaded the gambling legislation in question.

Don't take my word for it, however. Watch to see how this drama plays out. There are two possible outcome. One, that Scanlon will become the target of a smear campaign, as happened to Richard Clarke and Joseph Wilson, which is the most likely scenario. Two, that the investigation goes forward, and two of Washington's most powerful movers and shakers will be blown down in the house of cards they've built.

My guess is that Scanlon's skeletons will be broadcast relentlessly in the media in order to discredit him. But let us not forget how closely the ligaments in these skeletons attached him to Lobbyist A and Rep 1 through these dark years of his indiscretions. And how they all contributed to the bodily waste they so freely dumped on the American people.


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