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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, March 31, 2006

Runoff Rundown

First of all, it should be noted that Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting, in an unusual move, throws his endorsement behind Barbara Radnofsky for the Senate seat nomination against Gene Kelly (not the Hollywood guy). According to Soechting (and many others), Kelly is not a viable candidate, and is only on the ballot because of name recognition. The sentiment was also echoed by gubernatiorial hopeful Chris Bell. This solidifies the argument that everyone who is serious about electing a leader, and not just a name, needs to get behind Barbara Radnofsky and do whatever they can to insure that she runs against Kay Bailey Hutchison in the general election.

Also in runoff action is the race between Borris Miles, lifetime resident of HD 146, former law enforcement officer, and self-made businessman who not only renovates and provides professional office space for other bootstrap businessmen in his district, but also serves on several boards for civic improvement and sickle cell research, against Al Edwards, whose crowning achievement was legislation to curtail provocative performances by adolescent cheerleaders.

So the choice in this race is between a guy who has worked to improve the quality of life for residents of his district, and a guy who monitors teenage girls for tittilating gyrations. Personal preferences aside, who would you want representing your district?

By the way, the award for best Al Edwards post goes to PinkDome, for U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no alibi...You Ugly! Not because the post told us things we didn't already know, but because it has such a cool title.

In other primary news, Henry Boehm Jr. of Brenham won the democratic nomination for Texas Senate District 18. Unfortunately, Dr. Boehm withdrew from the race a month before the election, leaving Republican incumbent Glenn Hegar without a challenger. Another Senate seat lost to ignorance and apathy.

So let's make informed decisions, y'all, and not just vote for familiar names on the ballot. Learn about your candidates and what they stand for, and help bring in government leaders who believe in the same things we do.

The alternative is too u-g-l-y to contemplate.


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