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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Looking better and better

Didn't get to see all of game 3, as I was in the wilderness - no phone, no lights, no motorcars - but got back to "civilization" during the sixth inning. Although I didn't see the whole game, I liked what I saw. The 'Stros were playing professional baseball, something that wasn't always apparent earlier in the regular season.

At the top of the sixth Ausmus snags a pip off the baseline and threw the runner out. There was some controversy whether the ball was fair, but if you hit the ball that short, you deserve to be out anyway.

Also in the sixth, Lane collided with Nunez on his way to third base and Nunez went out with a bad knee.

Astros were leading when I turned the game on, but the Cards evened the score in the sixth. The 'Stros regained the lead at the bottom of the sixth.

Qualls did an interesting little dance at the top of the seventh as he dodged a bat lobbed by Taguchi. That'll make the highlight reel. Qualls went on to strike him out to retire the side.

A diving catch led to a double play which ended the top of the seventh inning. Fairly uneventful the rest of the game, although the Cards had the chance to tie the score in the 9th and were denied. Astos win, 4-3.

This could very well be the last professional game played by Roger Clemens, so I feel like history is being made. Of course, if we go the World Series for the first time in our 44 years of pro baseball, that'll be historic also, and of course Clemens will get to pitch again. Plus it'll be a lot of fun.

Well, game four is about to start. Time to crack an ice-cold beverage, whip up some nachos, and watch more history being made.

Play Ball, Y'all!


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