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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The other white meat

(Thanks to Northstar for a better picture than I had originally)

Pork. That's what Tom DeLay does best. Forget bullying his way through the legislature, having his way with junior legislators, accepting favors (and illegal vacations) in exchange for his blessings on legislation that benefit those who bestow those favors upon him.

What he does best is spearhead laws that insure that those in his district (particularly those that contribute heavily to his campaigns and causes) get the most from federal pork programs that they possibly can.

In this case, it's federal research and development money that could go to developers in his district to find deep water oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Never mind that the petroleum industry is one of the few industries that are making double digit profits these days, these guys deserve our corporate welfare.

Adding to the sad story, the petrochemical industry is struggling with the middle management issue. It appears that, despite record profits, they've laid off all of their talented middle aged managers, and for some reason can't attract more. Could it have something to do with job security?

If our God-given right to cheap gas can't be realized, the least we can do is give the good people who try to provide it an astronomical profit margin. That's the Christian thing to do, right?

So as industries in need of corporate welfare go, this one's right up there. If we want to continue to cater to our gas-guzzling sport-utility-driving society, something's gotta be done to preserve our American way of life.

Pork is the other white meat. Let's give generously to this cause. 'Cause our future consumption could depend on it.


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