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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, June 03, 2005

Be the People!

It's time to take a stand.

With all the hype about "Deep Throat" and the cojones it took to buck the power system and expose the Nixon administration and the considerable power it wielded in order to bring to light the illegal and immoral activities that were conducted in our name, it's only fitting that now a document has surfaced that shows how our current administration yearned, nay, slavered, to start a war with Iraq, and nothing was going to stop them.

They communicated with Britain in June 2002 regarding their desire to remove Saddam by force. They knew WMDs did not exist, and "intelligence and facts were being fixed" in order to justify the war. There was also "limited discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action".

The plan was to give Saddam an ultimatum to give up his WMDs. Since we knew he didn't have them, we were assured an opportunity to wage the war. Of course, they were assuming there would be no insurgent response, and that major action would be over quickly.

No thought was given to the quagmire that this war has become, or the thousands of American deaths as a result.

Enough is enough. From the beginning, we've expressed our belief that Iraq had nothing to with 9/11, and although they didn't have the best human rights record, there was no reason for us to invade other than dubya's desire to punish those who had embarrassed his Dad.

At the time, much todo was made about WMDs, mass graves, and human rights violations. Since then, we've been guilty of those same human rights violations, no WMDs were found, and are producing just as many mass graves.

Finally, folks are standing up and saying, "This is bull!". How can we continue to proclaim ourselves as the epitomy of freedom and democracy, when our own people are comitting these same atrocities while saying it's in the name of "freedom"? The only people buying this line of debris are the blind followers being led by the carrots of the administration's spin machine.

If you can think for yourself, examine the issue without the advice of radicals within your realm of spiritual and/or political leaders, evaluate the situation, and decide for yourself whether this is the path our country should be taking. Teachings that you have built your life on, such as "Thou shalt not kill", "Thou shalt not bear false witness", "Judge not, lest ye be judged", mercy and goodness, etc. Are these the values being exercised by our president that proclaims Christian values?

And then let them know what you've decided. This is the most important part. Your opinion means nothing until you've expressed it. Their political future depends on their constituents' opinions. Let them know that you're mad as hell, and you're not going to take it anymore!

Let them know. Here is a website where you can let your elected leaders know how you feel. Do it now. The next time they vote, they'll know how their constituents stand on the issues. And if they vote contrary to their constituents' values, you'll know that they care more about special interests than the people in their district, and the voters will decide it's time for a change.

That's how this system works It's time special interests take a back seat to the will of the people. Please take part in the process, and stop believing everything your leaders tell you.

Be vocal. Be visual. Be the People.


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