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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Monday, July 11, 2005


Rove spoke to Time about CIA agent, lawyer says
White House Won't Comment on Rove and Leak

Karl Rove, the Grima Wormtongue of the Bush administration, has been outed as one of the “senior administration officials” who helped unmask Valerie Plame as a covert CIA agent back in July of 2003. Although, admittedly, he didn’t mention her by name to the press, he referred to her as Joseph Wilson’s wife, and it doesn’t take a lot of investigative journalism to figure out exactly to whom he was referring.

For two years, the Bush administration denied that it was Rove, and Bush said whoever it was will be fired. Were they both lies? Probably, because Rove wields tremendous power in Washington, and Bush owes both presidential victories to him.

We’ve always known that Karl Rove is a sleaze. Now, due to the nature of his crime, he can be tried for treason. But he’ll most likely weasel out of this predicament, as he’s helped his boss do numerous times in the past.

By unmasking an active CIA covert agent, Rove put national security at risk, and during wartime no less. That he did it to retaliate against Joseph Wilson, former diplomat, for editorializing about the lack of evidence that Iraq was attempting to buy weapons-grade nuclear materials is beyond reprehensible.

One of the platforms that Bush was elected on in 2000 was that he would put honor and trust back in the White House. Now, less than five years later, we’ve dealt with lies about WMDs, false ties between Iraq and 9/11, sending America’s sons and daughters to fight and die in an unnecessary war because Bush wants to be remembered as a wartime president, and risking the life of an active CIA agent to discredit the truth. These are all tactics that demonstrate the antithesis of honor. They demonstrate this administration’s mindset of ‘victory by any means necessary and at any cost’. And I don’t mean victory against an enemy. I’m talking about victory against you and I, the average American citizens without deep-pocket special interest campaign contributions.

It’s becoming apparent that the only way we’re going to get honor back in the White House is to replace this administration.


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