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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

At the mercy of the water merchants

Well, here it comes.

Hurricane Rita is coming full force at the Texas Gulf Coast. And no matter where it hits, it seems that my little corner of the world will be adversely affected.

If it hits me dead on, I'm toast. If it hits southwest of me, I get all the messy thunderstorms, tornadoes and massive rain that follows the trailing edge of the storm.

So the odds of my dodging this bullet are nil, and I'm obliged to make the most of it.

Everyone else in this part of the world seems to be running for cover. The highway out of town is bumper to bumper, and the gas stations are lined up for blocks.

Am I a total idiot for hunkering down in my brick-encrusted abode and hoping for the best?

Probably, but I don't see much alternative.

I've heard that it's a 16-hour drive to San Antonio, a jaunt that normally takes three hours. The last time I ventured to Galveston took about an hour and a half, yet now it's a more than four hour drive from there to Houston.

I don't think I could get anywhere safe in enough time, and even if I did, how comfortable would I be?

I think I'll ride this storm out.

If a tree falls on my head, well, that will just be one point scored for the away team, which won't mourn my loss.

I heard yesterday that water was not to be found in Houston, yet I picked up five gallons at Kroger for about five bucks yesterday evening.

Today may be a different story, though.

I had no problem finding batteries at a decent price, and even got bonus NASCAR scale model cars with the 8-packs of AAs.

Most everyone seems to be either panicking or being very cautious. I guess I'm one of the very cautious.

My house was flooded in Allison, and I rebuilt it to tolerate another flood - no carpet, flooring that can flood and drain, and walls that can get wet without molding.

We've got water and dry goods, flashlights, a radio and batteries, and about a gaziliion candles, so we're here for the long run.

As time and utilities permit, I'll attempt to keep you posted.

Wherever you are, keep your feet dry, and as many other parts as possible moist...


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