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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A paws for the cause

Regardless of the different classes of people there were in America last week, there are two classes today. Those who need help, and those who can help.

Today is Blog For Relief Day, and it's brought together conservatives, progressives, moderates and non-political bloggers in an attempt to get the message out that "Hey, these are our fellow Americans, and human beings, and they need help!".

This is a non-partisan effort to supply relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. If you're a supporter of The American Red Cross, please give what you can. If you believe that The United Way is the way to go, pledge away.

I, personally, believe that both of those organizations will receive beaucoup donations from the corporate world, so I'm promoting a more or less avant-garde cause.

Many people who fled the southern coast had to leave their "other loved ones" behind because of logistics, and they had every intention of returning home in time to reunite with their pets in a happy homecoming. Circumstances changed, and now there are multitudes of "family members" who are safe, but have no way of reuniting with their life partners.

That's why I'm supporting pet fostering and the American Humane Society.

Studies have shown that pet ownership has great therapeutic value for those suffering from trauma. The relationship between humans and animals has long provided a buffer from hardship for those who have suffered catastrophic emotional distress. This bond between owner and pet can be stronger than that between neighbors and friends, and can therefore be valuable in the healing process necessary in the psychological trauma that this disaster presents.

There are thousands of animals who have been orphaned during this catastrophe. They're homeless, and for all practical purposes, ownerless. They need somewhere to call home, at least temporarily, and this is where you can help.

If you can't send cash (or credit) to a cause that will help alleviate the suffering of those displaced by this disaster, you may be able to foster a pet while his or her owner gets their life back together and makes a place for their best friend to come home to.

Those of you who know me realize I'm not a cat-blogger, and I seldom post cute pictures of puppies. Although I'm more of a wild animal advocate than a domestic devotee, I'm concerned for the innocents, and in the pet world that usually means the animal, not the person.

If you have room, fostering a pet can be a low-maintenance way of supporting disaster recovery, and I guarantee that you'll feel good about your contribution when the grateful parents show up to retrieve their loved one.

If fostering pets isn't your thing, you can donate to the cause. In any event, it's all good. Pets are rescued and hopefully reunited with their owners, or find new homes. As with all things pets, there are not a lot of complications - they're happy anytime we meet their needs.

Lets face it, pets provide unconditional love. Pet owners, not so much. This project will attempt to reunite pets with pet owners, and forge bonds beyond geographical boundaries. If this succeeds, then the human race has hope for it yet.


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