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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, December 02, 2005

And the winner is...

Left leaning bloggers have chosen the Texan of the Year, and it's... a Republican.

Now, before you go thinking that the tide that's turning against the right wing theocracy is turning again, keep in mind that the Texan of the Year is not an endorsement, it's a collectively objective opinion as to who has been most influencial on politics in Texas, regardless of party or the direction that their influence has taken.

Other Republicans were nominated, such as Tom DeLay and G.W. Bush, but I'm happy that if a Republican won it, it was Rep. Carter Casteel. Although she's in the wrong party, and from an 80% Republican district, she had the cojones to stand up to the lemmings and fight for reform in public schools rather than cave to the voucher faction.

Any social economist (except those in the employ of the right wing spin machine) will tell you that the education of ALL citizens is vital to a healthy society. However, those in favor of class distinction - with elite and servant classes widely seperated in the social spectrum - insist that their children be subsidized in their private schools. Rep. Casteel adamantly opposes this, and for that she should be commended.

She also voted against preventing gays from becoming foster parents, despite being from a conservative district. Now that's cojones.

Congratulation to Rep. Casteel, and thanks to the folks at Pinkdome for putting this election together. I'll be adding them to my blogroll for your future education and enjoyment.

Others who were instrumental in this election include:


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