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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, February 01, 2008

Let the games begin!

The race to the white house is heating up, and the candidates are pulling out all the stops in their attempts to portray themselves as the only candidate that can get you what you want in this knock-down, drag-out slugfest known as the 2008 presidential election.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama is the media darling, despite his questionable connections with a known Chicago low-life. But hey, what are the chances of being involved in Illinois politics without at least one bottom-feeder tarnishing your image, eh?

Hillary Clinton is his primary opponent, and she is taking advantage of every available option, including Barack’s bad press and her “crying game”, for her personal gain. She’s the consummate politician, just like her hubby, so we don’t know where she really stands at this point.

Yours truly is waiting for their votes on whether or not to include immunity for telecom companies in the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA) legislation to decide which candidate to support. We all know how Hillary voted to support the war and that Barry took a pass, but now it’s time to put up or shut up, and I want to see how they do.

On the Republican side, John McCain is the media darling, despite the fact that he’s far less conservative than the base. He is way far left on the immigration issue, against torture, and not exactly the fundamentalist’s vision of the next coming of the Messiah. Personally, I respected McCain up until he approved Bush's appointment of Alberto Gonzalez's appointment as Attorney General, even though at the time Gonzalez approved torture as an effective form of information gathering. Since then, the Bush administration has admitted that information achieved through torture is less than accurate.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and even though that’s not supposed to matter, you know it does. But he’s a businessman and well versed in the practice of laying off people, so you know he gets a pass from neo-cons who favor outsourcing labor to countries that don’t have the stringent safety and labor laws that we have here.

And then there’s Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Huckabee has a following among the born-again crowd, and Chuck Norris, but that’s about it. Ron Paul has a massive following, mostly among the disillusioned who want the government out of your life unless you’re female or gay.

So let the games begin. We’re going to see major mudslinging – first between Hillary and Barry and McCain and Romney, and then between the Republican and Democratic candidates – and then we’ll have the grand standoff in November. We’re in for a major Battle of the Brands.

Regardless, anything result November will be an improvement over what we have right now. Viva la Revolution!


  • Some strategic bashing released today. I just ran across a free download on Super Tuesday of a new song titled "Cheney's Toy."

    By Blogger royce4142, at 2:53 PM  

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