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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Attention Deficit Disorder

I’ve never written about Paris Hilton before, but this little episode bears mentioning. She was released from county lockup today after only a few days for “medical reasons”. Okay, not officially released, but “reassigned”, but she gets to go home. Same difference in my book.

And what are the “medical reasons”? No one’s talking, but the only medical person to visit her in lockup was her therapist. There are also allusions to “prescription medicine” that couldn’t be appropriately administered by Correction Department personnel. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

The press is talking about her prison memoirs. First of all, she wasn’t in prison, she was in jail, and only for a few days. If this turns into a mini-series, it’s got to be very 24ish.

I just can’t help but thinking if she wasn’t the heir apparent to the Hilton fortune, she would have been a porn actress or a golddigger in search of a rich husband.

Not to be outdone, Nicole Richie is also facing a DUI, and admitted to Letterman that she might go to jail as well. As this is a repeat offense, she faces 90 days to a year in incarceration.

In related celebrity weakness, Lindsay Lohan is on lockdown in rehab, and Richie Sambora checks into rehab today.

It appears that these “reality-based” celebrities have very little grasp on reality.

Update: Paris was carried kicking and sreaming back to jail. There is a just God after all. End of story (hopefully).


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