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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who is the real elitist?

Obama was born poor, and used what opportunities he had to obtain a top-level education. He then used that education to help the poor in Chicago before he went into local politics.

McCain was born to wealthy parents. His father and grandfather were admirals in the Navy, so that’s where he went. He graduated near the bottom of his class, but was still made a pilot anyway. He crashed his planes repeatedly, and after one of his crashes was captured by the enemy and made a prisoner of war. I am not discounting his time spent as a POW – anyone who serves his country honorably has my utmost respect – but after he returned from that captivity, he dumped his wife for a younger, richer woman and became very wealthy indeed.

When asked, McCain was unsure how many houses he owned. Obama owns one house with his wife.

Obama was born in, and vacations in, Hawaii. McCain met and had an affair with his current wife in Hawaii.

Obama is marries to his first wife, and has two children. McCain divorced his first wife after she got fat and disabled and married a younger rich heiress to a company that pulls in more than $300 million per year. They have various children from both marriages, the most prominent one, Meghan, who is unemployed and blogs for her father’s cause.

Cindy MCain, John’s current wife, tells us that a private jet is the only way to get around Arizona, John’s home state.

I could go on, but just which of these families seems closer to what average Americans are familiar with, and which family seems more elite?


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