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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Freedom is Slavery

Well, the elections in Iraq are unfolding about like we expected. As of this writing, "only" 44 dead so far. Only in this regime could I believe that success of a democratic election is determined by body count.

Most of the electorate is afraid to go to the polls - those who've shown up were primarily security forces. In some cases, even the election administrators stayed away because of fear of violence. And the administration and the media are already calling this election a success.

Back in June, when the administration was pushing for this election to take place in January no matter what, we knew it would be a farce. Even a few weeks ago we knew that Bush and company would call it a success regardless of the turnout or outcome. Are we psychic? No, just realistic.

The Iraqi people live in constant fear of violence. Even performing mundane tasks like shopping, or going to work or school, carries the danger that they might not make it home again. Sure, before we invaded their country there was the chance that if they pissed off their leaders, they might disappear. But now it's random. They can live the most careful existence and still may end up at the wrong end of a car bomb.

The media is still justifying this war, reporting that Saddam killed millions of his own people. That may be true, but it's also true of many dictatorships in South and Central America, Africa, and even parts of Europe. Where is the push to bring democracy to those regions? There isn't one, primarily because those regions don't have what we want. We're focusing on the Middle East because that's where the majority of the world's oil reserves are, and if we let them dictate their own future, we'd put ourselves at risk of running out of gas.

So we liberate their masses, and in the process lock them into relying on us for protection and aid. And in a way, that's a form of slavery. If they ever did tell us to kiss off, we'd just declare them a dictatorship and start bombing them again.

So enjoy your freedom, Iraq. Just do it inside your home and hope it doesn't get blown up. And don't even think about defying us. We pulled your sorry butt out of the fire, we can put you right back in it.


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