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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Homeland Defense. A great excuse to kill somebody

Vigilante Injustice
Hannity & Colmes Minuteman interview

Civil homeland defense. A term that sparks contoversy whereever it's mentioned. Everyone wants to be able to defend themselves against terrorism, or home invasion, or whatever they percieve is a threat to their well being. But where do we draw the line?

Is it okay to shoot someone who attempts to rob you? Many people say yes, especially those who have been robbed. A controversy in itself.

But what about illegal aliens? Is it okay to kill people who are trying to enter this country illegally to escape economic hardship that forces them to relocate to an unknown country in order to try to make a better life for themselves and their family.

There's a movement afoot that aims to man our borders with armed "enforcers" to insure that these illegals don't make it across to take our lowest paying jobs and otherwise endanger the way of life we have come to know and enjoy.

In 2000 Miguel Angel Palafox, a 20-year-old migrant, was shot in the neck by two horsemen dressed in black who attacked him near the border town of Sasabe, about 50 miles east of Cochise County. Palafox crawled back to Mexico with a T-shirt wrapped around his wound and lived to tell the tale, though the riders remain unknown.

Last October, in the small town of Red Rock, between Tucson and Phoenix, two undocumented immigrants were found shot to death by a roadside. Manuel Ortega, a spokesman for the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, says the two victims were part of a group of 12 migrants resting around a pond south of the town. While most of the group slumbered, one of the migrants told the consulate staff, two masked men dressed in camouflage and armed with machine guns appeared from the woods, firing upon the group and killing the two before the others scattered.

But this can't be the work of patriotic and civic-minded citizens, can it? Surely the people who are organizing this movement are guarding against this sort of action.

COLMES: Are these people going to be armed?
COLMES: They're not going to be armed?
GILCHRIST: I'm not going to be armed. However, they can arm themselves at the option under the laws of the state of Arizona.

So there you have it. Although they're not advocating violence, if the individual militiamen choose to use violence to achieve their goal, then that's their right as American citizens. Right?

Granted, illegal immigrations costs us tax money in health care, education and law enforcement. And there are legitimate ways in which us citizens can help minimize it, but killing the illegal immigrants is not an option. It shames me that some of my fellow citizens would even consider this. It's a sad commentary on the mindset of some of the whackos that are part of our population.


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