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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Thursday, February 17, 2005

It's not like she did anything wrong or anything...

Attorney seeks Lea Fastow early release
Indictment document

Waaaa! It’s tough being stuck in a dirty old prison with no room service, when you’re used to being waited on hand and foot. No, I’m not talking about Martha. I’m talking about poor, misunderstood Lea Fastow. I mean, all she did was cheat on her taxes. Everybody does that, right? What’s a few hundred grand between friends? It wouldn’t make even a small scratch in the federal deficit anyway. And because she got caught, now she has to spend five more whole months without double mocha lattes, day spa visits, or debutante galas. Doesn’t your heart just ache for her?

Weep no more for her, America. Her attorney, Mike DeGeurin has asked US Judge David Hittner to vacate her sentence. Because the mean ol’ judge put her in a short term maximum security prison instead of the country club she was expecting. And because her husband and partner in crime has to go to prison also, and no one will be left at home to watch the kiddies. Except the nannies, governesses and the rest of the household staff, of course, but they’re little people and don’t count.

"She has now spent seven months under fluorescent lights, not allowed outside for fresh air even for recreation, in overcrowded conditions and without the basic programs offered by a normal institution. She has been serving hard time in the literal sense and without complaint," states the motion.

Poor Lea! Having to live like a criminal when she’s only, well, a criminal. A well-to-do criminal, but a criminal none the less. And she obviously received some preferential treatment. How else to explain the staggered sentences she and hubby Andy received. How many common folks would get that kind of consideration from our justice system. Even Judge Amy would balk at showing that kind of favoritism. The family that does crime together, does time together.

And what about the other occupants of the prison? Surely she’s not the only person there subject to the overcrowded conditions. And fluorescent lights? The horror! Imagine what it must be doing to her complexion!

Lea is being painted as a stoic pawn in a witch hunt for the big guns of Enron. Well, she may have been a pawn, but she participated actively and voluntarily in their schemes, even included her children in them, and was rewarded handsomely for it. So save the posturing, Mikey. She’s a crook, and crooks that get caught go to jail. Unless they’re politicians of course. We have to draw the line somewhere.


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