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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Monday, April 18, 2005

Blog the Revolution!

(The Pulse of Freedom editorial board, from left to right:
Jad Ghostine, Nabil Abu-Charraf, and Joumanna Nasr.)

Pulse of Freedom '05
The Revolution Will Be Blogged

What's better than a revolution? One that includes babes!

These guys will be blogging from Beirut as they countdown to Syria's withdrawal and democratic elections.

People must be aware of their rights as citizens and as voters, ultimately embodied by the Constitution - a text that defends and secures all citizens’ rights and ensures the protection of the weak in a way that neither religion nor political affiliation can. If politicians do not defend the Constitution, the people must guard their rights themselves. Our actions will crescendo over the next couple of weeks until our demands are met. We will refuse any delay of the deadline for the elections, and view it as a violation of our basic rights as they are protected by the Constitution. Our goal is to familiarize everyone with the importance of this right. Over the next couple of weeks we will visit villages all over Lebanon to create awareness. This will be accompanied by a set of daily events organized at Martyrs’ Square, including performances by artists and singers. We will keep going until our fundamental voting rights are respected and enforced…

As there are only eleven days left on the countdown, I'll be following this to see how this blog thing can affect the outcome of a region's struggles. No matter which way the ball drops, the world will be watching (or reading, as the case may be).


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