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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, April 15, 2005

Finger this one out

It started with a claim that Anna Ayala found a piece of a human finger in the chili she bought from a Wendy's restaurant in San Jose, California.
Anna Ayala showing us what a finger looks like.

Wendy's claims that none of its employees lost any fingers, and no reports of hand injuries were reported amongst its suppliers. They've offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who has information leading to the origin of the finger. You've got to "hand" it to them, they're thorough.

The local coroner's office ran a search on a partial fingerprint, but came up "empty handed".

Criminal investigators, based on a "tip", have discovered that Anna has a history of filing this kind of lawsuit, including a sexual harrassment charge against her employer, and a food poisoning claim against another fast food chain.

The investigators "knuckled" down on Anna and searched her home, attempting to "nail" her with evidence that she knows where the finger came from.

Since then, Ayala has dropped her claim, saying it's caused her "great emotional stress".

digitizes digits - the evidence

Recent developments have an exotic animal rescuer reporting that a leopard bit the finger off of a caretaker in Nevada, Ayala's home state. The feline manicure resulted in the inability to reattach the digit, and it remained in the cat's cage as a toy.

Photos were taken of the amputated finger, and they are being compared to the chili's extra ingredient.

If it proves to be one and the same digit, does this qualify as a feline-y?

Stay tuned for updates. Same cat time, same cat channel.


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