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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Legislative special session number two:
the do-over session

Apparently, contrary to what I've been hearing in the mainstream media, there's a do-over clause in our Constitution. Issues I've been railing against in the Texas Legislature as having been decided are now back to the drawing board due to the indecision on the school finance issue.

Governor Perry appears to have been good to his word in that nothing gets voted on, even if it has passed both Houses, until our education issues are decided.

So that means it's not too late. You can still contact your legislators and let them know about how you feel about:

  • Southwestern Bell being able to pick and choose which homes they'll offer discount video services to, possibly leaving out yours, and forcing you to pay higher rates because the cable companies have to make services available to everyone (and incurring higher operating costs).
  • The judicial pay raise, which would also boost lawmakers pensions.
  • Protecting homeowner rights from eminent domain claims for economic development, although that would be a waste of time because the support is unanimous. After all, which elected official in his or her right mind would oppose this? Although the exceptions in the small print may not protect you.
  • Any other issue that lawmakers want to raise during this second special session, such as banning marijuana flavored lollipops because they can lead to more serious abuse of heroin, PCP or methamphetamine flavored lollipops.


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