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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Science takes one giant step backwards

Bush says all theories of life have place in classroom

WASHINGTON - President Bush is sticking with his opinion that public schools should teach the "intelligent design" theory of life alongside evolution but says it's not a federal matter.

What? This can’t be serious. Can it? One day they’re arguing that displaying the Ten Commandments in a government (i.e. taxpayer supported) courthouse doesn’t violate the spirit of the First Amendment, and the next day el Jefe de Estupido is suggesting teaching from the book of Genesis in public schools. Did I miss a decade, or did we time-travel back a couple of decades? This is beyond crazy.

I have a couple of theories. It could be the Bushites trying to toss in yet another attempt at diversion from the Plame Game, now that Condi Rice may be implicated in it as well. Or it could be that dubya just wants to see journalists use his name and the word "intelligent" in the same sentence.

But that’s all they are – theories. Like evolution, intelligent design, creationism, and most other scientific subjects. Theories. I don’t recall evolution being taught as fact even though, among the three theories, it’s the only one supported by evidence.

Before the steam starts spouting from your ears, I said evidence, not facts. Nothing that happened millions, or even thousands, of years ago can be irrevocably proven.

In my understanding, the big bang theory doesn’t preclude the involvement of a higher intelligence. And Genesis doesn’t preclude some of the principles of evolution. It’s all in how you interpret the data available to you. For all we know, our universe could have been some Deity’s second grade science project.

If so, I hope She got a passing grade.

In all likelihood, though, dubya’s comment was just a sound bite to placate his base and at the same time give us progressive pundits something to rail against besides Rove, Liddy, and Rice (and DeLay, Frist, Santorum, Tancredo, et. al).

Dubya can't do much from his cheap seat, but he can plant the thought in the fertile minds of his loyal minions. And there’s plenty of room in those minds for all sorts of mischief to grow.


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