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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Stuff and BlondeSense

Found some good stuff on BlondeSense this morning. In a comment thread, Willie E. Davis waxes theoretical in an essay on life in the year 2021 in America (or what’s left of it). Read
If Only We Knew Then What I Know Now.
It’s an interesting read, and an all too possible future history lesson.

So much for the "freedom" the Chinese claim they are bringing to us. We know that they just want our land and resources. I would guess that the Chinese civilians back in China probably do believe their government is trying to bring Democracy back to the United States. Surely they must believe in their government the same way I believed in mine back in the beginning of the second Iraq war.

Also, from Peter of Lone Tree, the not-so-shocking news: George W. Bush Elected Pope ... Cardinals Stunned!

A sample taste:

"We in the conclave are all shocked. We cast our votes using these new electronic voting machines. The results overwhelmingly favored George W. Bush over all the Catholic candidates. The last Pope, John Paul, was a superb linguist, fluently speaking 11 languages, this one can't speak fluently in one language. We just don't know what to say."

Other tasty bits include:

George W. Bush had this to say moments ago as he spoke from the Rose Garden:"I am honoured to be the spiritual lighthouse, and the first War Pope. I promise Evangelical Catho-licks and Prostates alike that I will be embodied in salvation and fair in the performance of my duties.

I am a Unitifier, not a Divide-a-cater. I am obliged to try to save as many lost souls as I can, at least the Devout Wealthy Elite Souls, as it is well known that Heaven is a very select place, indeed, it is more exclusive than even the best of country clubs. It is a members only Heaven. I may have to put a fence around it.

And I may be behind the curve here, but it also appears by their new header that they’ll be migrating away from Blogger soon. Good luck in your new home, y’all!


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