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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Friday, February 10, 2006

FISA. It's NOT everywhere you want it to be...

Groundhog Day occurred. What a bunch of crock. Begun in Germany as a folk tale/superstition, and scheduled on February 2nd because it was halfway through the winter. It epitomizes how man's lack of understanding leads to his attempted explanation of the world around him.

Which leads to our current executive branch of government.

We had a State of the Union address, which means that our fearless leader, Gee Dubya, felt the need to explain to the 'murcan people how that when he broke the law, it was for our own good.

He began by thanking the Congress for inviting him to speak, when we all know he called the meeting. We also know, from that dastardly mainstream media, that Cindy Sheehan, notorious mother-of-a-soldier, was in the audience, but was arrested because she might have been a nuisance, and was held until the state of the disunion was over, then released.

It was also curious that the most thunderous applause ocurred among the Democrats when dubya's speech mentioned that Congress failed to pass his Social Security "reform" efforts.

On the other side of the chamber, however, the lemmings were standing and sitting so often that it reminded me of a Catholic Mass. Drinking games aside, dubya's references to 9/11 and "nucular" weaapons were making me so nauseous that I couln't stand it anymore, and had to turn the TV off - something the bedwetters and self-rightous don't seem to have figured out how to do yet.

One thing that’s obvious is that dubya was counting on his State of the disUnion address to bolster his polling numbers. The question is why. He’s already a lame-duck, and only into his sixth year. He’s already isolated his base by embracing immigration labor and waffling on other conservative values.

And he’s proven that he can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Cases-in-point include his relationships with Jack Abramoff and Big Oil. Aside from the fact that he’s had numerous personal meetings with Abramoff, he also claims to plan on reducing American dependence on foreign oil by 2025, when his actual plan is nothing near his claimed goal.

Dubya, in another attempt to divert popular opinion, referred to the successful identification of a plot to plane-bomb L.A. No details are available to determine whether these are the same intelligence sources that let us predict 9/11, but were ignored by the administration, or are a result of illegal surveillance.

One thing I haven’t figured out yet. The main argument for spying on the American people - I’m sorry, "terrorist surveillance" - is that if you don’t have anything to hide, what’s your problem with it. Well, if the administration has nothing to hide, why did they try to hide it?

Al "Gonzo" Gonzalez called it a "hypothetical question" back in 2005. Bush denied it in 2004. Now it’s not only his Constitutionally protected right (someone show me where this is in the Constitution, please), but his duty as commander-in-chief (even though Congress explicitly denied this in the original temporary passage of the Patriot Act).

Gonzo even cited cases where Washington, Lincoln, Eisenhower and other presidents used surveillance in time of war. He neglected to mention the fact that this was before it was illegal to do so.

Well, that's this administration's spin for ya. Repeat something often enough, and it will become truth. Soon we'll be throwing our phone and internet records at this "smaller government" party, begging them to intrude more in our daily lives. 'Cuz it'll make us safer.

And we know how they'll use that information. If we dissent, they will destroy us. Like they did Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame. But that's another story.


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