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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The knuckleheads are running rampant

Regardless of whether you believe in evolution or not, it's evident that de-evolution is alive and well in the 21st Century.

The concept peaked my interest when I caught a news bite about a man in New Mexico who tried to kill a mouse he'd caught by throwing it on a pile of burning leaves. Needless to say, the flaming mouse ran back into the peabrain's house, and burned it down along with all of its contents.

What a maroon. Fire safety aside, what would posess a person to burn anything alive, regardless of its position in the food chain. In this case, it appears that the rodent's last great act of defiance proved who was the smarter of the two.

So I looked a little deeper, and it seems the knuckleheads are running rampant.

Consider the dimwit in North Dakota who stole a some earings from a college fundraising auction, then tried to have them appraised at the jewelry store that donated them to the auction. And, you guessed it, the name of the jewelry store was on the earing box, so it's not like a coincidence that he accidently took them to the wrong store.

Or the guy in Germany who sold a stolen camera on eBay to its original owner.

Or the nitwit in Nebraska who tried to rob a bank with "FINDME" as the vanity plates on his getaway car.

If you believe that intelligent design should take the place of evolution, whoever put these witless wonders together was either having a bad day, has a sense of humor, or is intent on thinning out the herd.

Or some of us could just be de-evolving.


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