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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The war is being fought by the wrong people

I joined the military thinking it would give me a better chance at life. A chance that included educational reimbursement, even though I found out later that they didn't provide the benefits I thought they would.

Now my own son has joined the military to get the benefits to improve his life in the way that I couldn't.

He's chosen to lay his life on the line to get these benefits. During wartime.

It's the curse of the middle class. College is a dream. Sure, Community College classes count towards a degree, but until you have serious money for a University, most of your time spent seems like spitting in the wind.

And so my son enlisted in the military. At least his training will take up to a year, meaning he won't be deployed for at least a year.

But this is no comfort for those whose sons and daughters have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in the past few months.

Its sickening to know that the middle and lower classes are the primary sources of human fodder deployed in war zones in order to protect oil interests around the world, while the priveleged classes are safely ensconced at home doing "war related" activities, including political activism and fundraising for the Republican Party.

It reminds me of our president, safely in the Texas National Guard, skipping classses and partying in the States, while his contemporaries were dying in Vietnam.

But it's all about earning your degree. Dubya managed to score a degree with his connections. My son will have to earn a degree by possibly fighting and dying for his country in an illegal war for a chance to earn his degree when he gets home by applying himself 110%.

Dubya's degree was superficial, and got him opportunities mainly on his name recognition. My son will need to apply for jobs relying mainly on his academic achievements.

My son will succeed because he's an intellegent, resourceful individual, who's ethics and values will be appreciated by some forward thinking company, or in his own business.

Dubya will retire gracefully because he's fostered lobbyist loyalty and has fostered many friendships in his presidency.

It still boils down to the fact that lower and middle class citizens are the ones who serve in the military, and the onus of who dies for our country should fall on our leadership. And, using the title of leadership loosely, I lay it on the White House, the Congress and the Senate.

As a parent, a citizen and a voter, I know the value of my son's life, knowledge and well being.

Don't muck it up. Because I know the score. And I will hold you personally responsible for his safety.


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