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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Texas takes one large step backwards

Senate sending gay marriage ban to Texans for November vote

Texas is officially moving backwards. The Senate approved a proposed constitutional ban on same sex marriage today, which will send the issue to voters in November. And judging from the Texas GOP's success at targeting homophobes to vote in their favor, it appears that we will have the second ammendment to the Texas Constitution in history that actually takes away rights. If you recall, the first was prohibition, and we all know how that turned out.

"I believe we should protect the institution of marriage. We should hold that up higher than any other relationship," said Sen. Todd Staples, R-Palestine, the sponsor of the amendment.

Ironically, it was also announced today that Mary Kay Letourneau married the boy she raped in 1997 when she was a 34 year old teacher, married with four children, and he was her 12 year old student. Thank goodness the sanctity of marriage is safe for these saints, and that gays aren't eligible for the same rights they enjoy. Family values at it's finest.

Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, equated the amendment to Jim Crow era laws that discriminated against blacks.

"At least they had the good sense to never write their bigotry into the state Constitution," said Ellis, who called the amendment "trash."

I know I can't be the only reasonable person that thinks this hypocritic bigotry has no place in our state Constitution. More and more we read about so-called steadfast fundamentaloids who have homosexual secrets, and yet the response seems to be to take away more rights and privileges from those who are openly gay or lesbian. And of course it's completely beyond the comprehension of these Republigoons that the people least likely to seek an abortion are those that they're trying to prevent from forming a legal union. Ah, the irony.

Come November, if you're a Texan and can see through the twisted logic that makes these folks fear those who think differently from them, please register to vote, and vote against this atrocity. If not, it will be overturned eventually, but in the meantime will move our civil rights movement backwards, and could lead to others who will classified as second class citizens before cooler heads prevail.


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