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Sharpening our wits on the grindstone of Life

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hey, I'm all about the 2nd Amendment

I just think that if someone needs an automatic weapon to hunt,
he should consider a new pastime...

Back in the 70s, I didn't approve of Elton John's lifestyle, but I still bought his records.

These days, I don't approve of Arnold Swarzenegger's politics, but I still like his movies.

I always thought Ted Nugent was a little wacko, but that didn't stop me from listening to his music. I knew it was kinda degrading to women, but I was a forgiving soul in those days. A little degradation never hurt anyone, right? You have to remember that this was the 70s and I was a teenager, and not averse to a little self-degradation myself. You hadda be there.

After his "performance" this past weekend, though, I can't bring myself to put his CD in the player. His radio interviews, opening night spectacle and Saturday night speech opened my eyes to just how deranged he is. With his "kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" mentality, I can't believe he called those who think like me "ree-tards".

Now I'm sorry I spent money on his albums and CDs. I don't mind supporting Elton's lifestyle - at least he puts a good portion of his income towards AIDS research. I don't even mind helping Jimmy Buffett buy his latest boat or plane. I don't think I own any Swartzenegger DVDs, but even if I did, I don't get the feeling of revulsion when I see him as I do, now, when I even look at a Nugent album cover.

Ironically, Demolition Man is playing in the background as I'm writing this. That bit about the Swartzenegger Presidential Library is strangely prophetic, don't you think? Say, Stallone hasn't gone wacko on us too, has he? Probably not, with the message behind the Rambo movies.

But I digress. I'm not against self-defense weapons, although I'm a bladed and blunt instrument man myself. I haven't heard of any school massacres or home invasions involving bows and arrows lately. Or airline hijackings using nail clippers or lighters, for that matter. But if Nugent, DeLay, LaPierre (of "jack-booted thug" fame), and the rest of those wackos have their way (which they probably will), automatic weapons available without any restrictions, registration or background checks will be the norm in our society, and available to anyone who disagrees with anyone else.

I feel safer. Don't you?


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